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Sustainable Food and Farming Award

Compassion’s Sustainable Food and Farming Awards recognise producers and businesses that are taking steps to produce higher welfare meat, dairy and eggs in ways that protect, improve and restore wildlife and the environment. Read the full criteria for the award here.

Compassion was inspired to introduce a Sustainable Food and Farming Award following its 2017 Extinction and Livestock conference that brought together the worlds of animal welfare, conservation and the environment. 

2022 Sustainable Food and Farming Awards

The 2022 Sustainable Food and Farming Awards were judged by a panel chaired by Compassion’s CEO, Philip Lymbery, and included Graham Harvey, agricultural journalist and previous story editor of the long running BBC radio drama The Archers

There are two categories for this award – the small producer or farmer, and the corporate/large food business award.

Small Producer Award 2022

Hilltribe Organics logo

The winner of the small Producer category in 2022 was Hilltribe Organics (HTO) – a high impact social enterprise formed to sustain rural farming villages in Thailand through organic and regenerative agriculture. 

HTO’s successful business model, which addresses more than two thirds of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals, involves every aspect of the value chain. It not only helps farmers – many of them women - get into production by supplying the hens and feed, but also helps market the organic eggs to consumers and retailers. This provides a regular income and financial stability for the hill tribe people.

By driving the organic egg market, HTO has helped to significantly reduce the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides (down by 70% and 80% respectively) leading to cleaner soil, water, and air. 

In addition, HTO promotes reforestation and rewilding, utilising local agro-ecological conditions to the full. The hens are raised in the hills with plenty of access to trees and shelter; there is no use of antibiotics and they grow turmeric to improve hens’ immune systems.

This social enterprise is truly inspirational and provides a successful business model which could be scaled up and adopted in other parts of the world.

Co-Founder and CEO of HTO, Richard Blossom said: “We have always believed in the highest animal welfare and the most sustainable and organic farming practices and that they can benefit both the environment and the hill tribe people while supporting a successful business model. We are gratified to see the HTO model is even starting to attract farmer family children back to the hills.

Our farms require relatively little land compared to other agricultural uses and helps protect wildlife habitats in the areas around our farms. This award will help us continue to improve the lives of hill tribe people, to increase the market for organics (further reducing the use of chemical fertilisers/pesticides) and to strengthen the model to the point where we can expand to new markets.”

Corporate Award 2022

Laiteries H.Triballant-Rians logo

The Corporate category of the Sustainable Food & Farming Award celebrates companies that can make positive change on a large scale, both to the animals in their supply and to the wider environment. 

French dairy company Laiteries H.Triballat-Rians picked up this year’s corporate Sustainable Food and Farming Award for their ‘Sustainable livestock farming’ project.

They have encouraged the development of pasture access for 100% of their farms (they work with 450 producers) and have worked towards increasing the longevity of the cows and goats in their supply. 

Montage of farm animals outside

They are also phasing out deforesting soy in feed and are planting up to 40km of new hedges. This work was judged as a good example of how a dairy group can help its farmers adopt better animal welfare, environmental protection and sustainable farming measures.

Henri Triballat, Director of Milk Production at Laiteries H. Triballat Rians said:In order to promote sustainable practices from the field to the plate, we have co-constructed our commitments for sustainable and responsible farming with the 9 producer organisations representing the 450 affiliated milk producers, as well as with NGOs, notably Compassion in World Farming.

This "Sustainable Food & Farming Award” is proof of our collective actions and commitments to animal welfare and a more sustainable model. It also encourages us to continue our efforts!

It is together, through regular exchanges with milk producers, working groups with experts and monitoring the progress made, that these commitments to sustainable livestock farming will succeed.”

2021 Sustainable Food and Farming Awards

Full Lynbreck Logo

The winner of the small Producer category was Lynbreck Croft, a multi-enterprise food producing business that is firmly rooted in farming with nature and high animal welfare principles. 

Owners Lynn Cassells and Sandra Baer now produce a diverse and delicious range of food from eggs to pork, beef to honey, as well as added value meats and charcuterie all of which are prepared and butchered on site. 

Recognising that land and animals are our most valuable and essential assets, Lynn and Sandra use regenerative grazing principles, prioritising soil health with a goal to increase biodiversity. 

They have planted 30,000 native trees and choose animals that are suited to the UK climate and natural forage. 

As well as selling directly to the community, Lynbreck also offers tours and courses to encourage and educate others in the benefits of small-scale farming producing high quality food to high animal welfare standards while respecting the natural capacity of the land.

Lynbreck Croft owners, Lynn and Sandra said: " We have always been committed to producing the best food we can where high animal welfare and positive environmental impact sit at the core of what we do. We are so delighted to win this award.”

Read more about Lymbreck Croft here.

Mcdonald S Seeklogo

The Corporate category of the Sustainable Food & Farming Award celebrates companies that can make positive change on a large scale, both to the animals in their supply and to the wider environment. 

This year McDonalds UK & Ireland was the worthy winner of the corporate award for their Regenerative Beef Project, which aims to demonstrate the benefits (environmental, ethical and economic) of an Adaptive Multi-Paddock (AMP) grazing approach, with the ultimate goal of developing a roadmap towards a commercial regenerative beef farming system. 

Harriet Wilson, Agriculture and Sustainable Sourcing Manager, McDonald’s UK & Ireland said: “We are incredibly proud to be working on this ground-breaking project, alongside our brilliant partners FAI Farms, and the impact it could have on the UK beef industry.

"The project presents a real opportunity to explore the ways in which we can futureproof the industry and drive more resilient production, to ensure our future beef supply contributes to a sustainable food system where people, local communities, animals and the planet can thrive.”

Read more about the project and watch the video here

Special Recognition Award 2021

Hollis Mead Organic Dairy

In 2021, Compassion also presented a Special Recognition Award in this category to Hollis Mead Organic Dairy - an organic farm specialising in high quality organic milk and food sold directly to the public ‘while enhancing the environment for wildlife’.

Based in Dorset, Hollis Mead’s organic herd of British Fresian crosses are grass fed on organic pastures and only milked once a day with their milk sold via 14 vending machines across Dorset, Devon and Somerset. 

Having planted over 15 miles of hedges over the years, wildlife is flourishing, and soil health has also improved dramatically on the farm. 

Hollis Mead encourages the public to visit the farm to help close the information gap between what we eat and where it comes from.

Read more here.

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